Jon Berkeley

Purveyor of fine quality illustration since 1983

I’m the author of The Wednesday Tales trilogy, and The Hidden Boy.
The Wednesday Tales,  illustrated by Brandon Dorman, are set in and around a sinister circus, and feature such colourful characters as a 400-year-old girl, a talking tiger and a stately dowager who lives in a tree. 
They were published by Harper Collins in the US and Simon & Schuster in the UK, and translated into over a dozen languages.
The Cover and inside illustrations are by Brandon Dorman. Here are are some reviews:
The Palace of Laughter:
It seems astonishing to chart new territory in today’s world of fantasy and adventure, but Berkeley has done just that. – Julie Andrews Edwards
 A vivid journey of discovery. – Angie Sage
Berkeley weaves painterly details into his depiction of this night–shaded world but also injects an ample measure of humor. – Publishers Weekly
The Tiger’s Egg: 
Wonderfully dark and atmospheric. – The Telegraph
 A story that flows easily from the page, enveloping the reader in a magic that every children's book should aspire to achieve. – Children’s Books Ireland 
The Lightning Key: 
Fantastic drama...the most lyrical and sharply written of the series. – Voya 
Filled with the evocative description and engrossing narrative style that have typified the series. – School Library Journal
The Hidden Boy: 
Berkeley's prose and plotting gleam with humor and originality. – Publishers Weekly 
Berkeley’s arch writing and his characters’ hilarious, pathos-inspiring temperaments and abilities make this magical stew both compelling and delightful. – Booklist
I’ve illustrated a number of children’s books, including Karen Wallace’s Scarlette Beane, and Chopsticks, which I wrote myself.
Chopsticks is the tale of the a mouse who brings to life a carved wooden dragon, and the friendship that grows between them.
The rich and...exotic illustrations filling the pages of this picture book, and the gentle fable-like tone of the text enrapture children and adults alike, blowing a soft breath of Chinese New Year wonder into readers' souls.
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