Jon Berkeley

Purveyor of fine quality illustration since 1983

I’m the author of The Wednesday Tales trilogy, and The Hidden Boy.
The Wednesday Tales are set in and around a sinister circus, and feature such colourful characters as a 400-year-old girl, a talking tiger and a stately dowager who lives in a tree. 
They were published by Harper Collins in the US and Simon & Schuster in the UK, and translated into over a dozen languages.
The Cover and chapter headings are beautifully illustrated by Brandon Dorman. Here are are some reviews:
The Palace of Laughter:
It seems astonishing to chart new territory in today’s world of fantasy and adventure, but Berkeley has done just that. – Julie Andrews Edwards
 A vivid journey of discovery. – Angie Sage
Berkeley weaves painterly details into his depiction of this night–shaded world but also injects an ample measure of humor. – Publishers Weekly
The Tiger’s Egg: 
Wonderfully dark and atmospheric. – The Telegraph
 A story that flows easily from the page, enveloping the reader in a magic that every children's book should aspire to achieve. – Children’s Books Ireland 
The Lightning Key: 
Fantastic drama...the most lyrical and sharply written of the series. – Voya 
Filled with the evocative description and engrossing narrative style that have typified the series. – School Library Journal
The Hidden Boy: 
Berkeley's prose and plotting gleam with humor and originality. – Publishers Weekly 
Berkeley’s arch writing and his characters’ hilarious, pathos-inspiring temperaments and abilities make this magical stew both compelling and delightful. – Booklist
I’ve illustrated a number of children’s books, including Karen Wallace’s Scarlette Beane, and Chopsticks, which I wrote myself and which is now in its 12th edition.
Chopsticks is the tale of the a mouse who brings to life a carved wooden dragon, and the friendship that grows between them.
The rich and...exotic illustrations filling the pages of this picture book, and the gentle fable-like tone of the text enrapture children and adults alike, blowing a soft breath of Chinese New Year wonder into readers' souls.
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