Bin Laden in the shadows, for the South China Morning Post
How are the mighty fallen. The domino effect rumbling through the Middle East.

This was commissioned by American Interest magazine in 2011, before Gadaffi met a sticky end.
The art director was Lindsey Burrows
Veteran Irish Pol Charlie Haughey suffers the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...
...while his successor Bertie Ahern risks the ire of the Irish middle class...
...and Bertie's successor Brian Cowen indulges his passion for pub singing.
Mr Cowen again, indulging his other passion. This is a highly caricaturable man.
Czech president Vaclav Klaus. The resemblance to Sponge Bob is striking.
Here's Iris Robinson, born-again Christian and former Ulster unionist politician.

In 2009 Iris got in a bit of hot water involving misappropriation of funds and an extramarital affair with a boy some forty years her junior. Her reputation for fundamentalist and homophobic pronouncements did little to encourage sympathy for her plight.

This caricature was for the Sunday Times.
George Dubya Bush invites Gerry Adams to the White House Patrick's Day party, one of the hottest tickets of the year and an event from which Republican Mr Adams had been barred for many years. 

This was for Magill magazine.
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