This is a cover illustration for investment manager JM Finn's re-designed newsletter. 
The issue was published shortly after Margaret Thatcher's death and the lead article is an analysis of her legacy as prime minister. It argues that Thatcher's influence was a major factor in the weakening of class divisions in post-war Britain.
The brief required a simple and bold metaphor. My first sketch combined the epithet of Iron Lady with the handbag that became a symbol of Thatcher's persona and style of leadership. A second sketch referred to the article's title: Power behind the privet, and depicted Thatcher steamrollering over this symbol of class division.
The editors liked both sketches, so I suggested further combining them. This allowed me to pack in a few concepts without losing the strength of the image.
Finally, as the redesign is in its early stages and the look is still being established, I provided them with a few alternative versions to choose from.
In the end they liked the full-page illustration so much they switched it to the cover.
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