Uncle Sam
Here's a selection of Uncle Sam illustrations for various publications.

I never get tired of drawing him, partly because of the natty outfit, but mostly because he's nearly always in a pickle, like Brer Rabbit.

This was commissioned by Graeme James at the Economist to illustrate the strange absence of centre-ground politics in the US.
Here he is at sea, for the cover of Decision magazine. The art director was Marie Dupont.
In bed with the chairman, for the Economist again...
...and an even more woebegone Sam for Simon Harris at CLSA.

Having failed to find the meat in his burger, been set adrift in search of recovery and woken up in bed with Chairman Mao he now seems to be stranded in Japan.

Come to think of it, his outfit is not unlike Wally's (or Waldo's) of 'Where's Wally' fame. There may be a book franchise in this somewhere.
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