Jon Berkeley

Purveyor of fine quality illustration since 1983

Wylie Brewery Beer Labels
Tooth and Claw
Magazine cover for l'Express
Beauty and the Beast
A theatre poster for Sitges ETC
Dogs of War
Putin's private army
Brexit Baloney
Illustrations from a chimera
The Usual Suspects
Event posters for Georgia Aquarium
Covid Covers
Illustrations from a pandemic
Dalí a go-go
Time on your hands...
Fixing Government
Uncle Sam faces up to Modern times
Jeune Afrique covers
Strong Women, Black Lives Matter
Ben and Don
Two covers for The Economist
More l'Express covers
The Hits Keep on Coming
Race the Atlantic Wind
A Book Jacket for O'Brien Press
Robots, babies and dragons
A roundup of covers for french news magazine l'Express
The Last Ice
An expedition to highlight climate change
Volkskrant Covers
A roundup of covers for Dutch newspaper Volkskrant
Ditching the Dog Whistle
An award-winning Economist cover
Nowhere to hide
An award-winning cover for The Economist
Feedback Loops
Political polarisation for Prospects magazine
Baroque n Roll
A poster and press campaign for Vodafone Ireland
A theatre poster for the ETC production of Cinderella
Trump Dump
A cover for the Economist
Sleeping Beauty
A theatre poster for Sitges ETC
A cover for Imbibe magazine
Hybrid Drinks
Mixing drinks the right way
Sons of Sardaar
A poster for a film depicting the Battle of Saragarhi
Saltimbanqui wine label
Vin du Cirque
Crime and Judy
A cover illustration on Crime and Punishment for The Big Issue
Ted Baker Christmas Window
Window display illustrations for upmarket outfitters Ted Baker
Bloated Government
A cover illustration for The Economist
Dublin devours its satellites
An illustration for the Sunday Independent
Yonder careers
Illustration for an online recruitment agency.
Unlocking the Middle East
An Economist cover on Iran
The Gated Globe
A cover for the Economist
Iron Handbag
A look back at Margaret Thatcher's legacy
Japan Wades In
A cover for Finance Asia
Giselle Ballet Poster
A poster for the Birmingham Royal Ballet
On the scrapheap
A cover for the Economist on youth unemployment
An Economist cover on the future of the car.
Tech predictions for 2013. An illustration for Backbone magazine.
Alternative Realities
Cover illustrations for the Economist
A selection of pastiches of old masters, for the Economist
Hong Kong Earthquake
Cover and inside illustration for Post Magazine, Hong Kong.
Economics a go-go
Covers for CLSA market analysis reports
Japan's troubles
Two Economist covers on Japanese themes
Welcome to the Anthropocene. Man's influence on planet Earth
It's behind you!
Cover on Climate Change Denial for 2050 magazine
Stupid Cupid
A cover for the Economist
Memory Loss
An illustration for Time magazine
Texting and Driving
Texting and Driving for Backbone magazine
Data backups
Two illustrations for Backbone magazine
Circus Cards
A set of circus-themed cards for a Smirnoff promotion.
The Next Bubble
A cover illustration for Newsweek
Rugby angels
An ad campaign for RTÉ's coverage of the 6 Nations rugby tournament.
An illustration on the banking crisis for the Sunday Independent
Arcade Fire
Arcade fire for Mojo magazine
It's official! The economy is still the scariest thing out there... A digital illustration for the Economist.
Dinosaur Law Firms
Cover illustration for Global Legal Post
Zut, Alors!
Cover illustration for Global Legal Post
The Illustrated Beatles
Illustrators Ireland present an exhibition of artwork inspired by The Beatles.
Portfolio and interview with Jon Berkeley
An interview and selection of work from member Jon Berkeley.
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